Graduate Studies

Philippa Carter, Director of Diversity Initiatives and Academic Affairs; 412-624-6096


  • Hot Metal Bridge Program
  • K. Leroy Irvis Fellowships
  • Ombudsperson
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Review of ETDs for Graduation

Lisa Kubick, Director of Graduate Student Admissions; 412-624-6095


  • Admissions, Readmissions, Change of Status, Change of Degrees
  • Application Recoupment
  • ApplyYourself & GATS
  • Transcripts Contingencies
  • TA/TF/GSA/GSR/ASF/SSDD Allocation Management, Contracts and Overloads
  • Tuition Scholarships for Dietrich School Arts & Sciences Graduate Students

Gloria Mou, Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Project Manager; 412-624-3939


  • Assistant to Associate Dean Hoock
  • Arts and Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
  • Dietrich School Graduate Council
  • Faculty Research and Scholarship Program

Patrick Fogarty, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services; 412-624-0338


  • Andrew Mellon and Other Internal Predoctoral Fellowships (payroll process)
  • Change of Grades (2000-3000) & Course Repeats
  • Dean's Tuition Scholarships for Fellowships & External Fellowship Information
  • Graduation Procedures & Certification
  • Probation
  • Report on Results of Examinations (Prelims, Comps, Orals)
  • Statute of Limitations Extensions and Leaves of Absence
  • Transfer of Credits (Advanced Standing)
  • Tuition Scholarships for Dietrich School Arts & Sciences Graduate Students

Chandra Colaresi, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services; 412-624-6088


  • Admission to Candidacy (Formalization of Doctoral Committees)/Changes to Committees
  • Application Fee Checks
  • Bulletin Updates
  • Dean’s Tuition Scholarships
  • Events and Scheduling for Professional Socialization Sponsored by Graduate Studies
  • Provost's Placement Data
  • Requests to Write Dissertations in Languages other than English
  • Requests for External Committee Member Approvals
  • Liaison for Disability Services
  • TA/TF Mentor Program
  • Teaching Assistantship Allocation
  • Tuition Scholarships for Dietrich School Arts & Sciences Graduate Students
  • Web site access and updates (

Katelyn White, Student Services Assistant; 412-624-6094


  • Admit-Declines (PeopleSoft)
  • ApplyYourself/PeopleSoft/GATS Export
  • Certification for Instruction in English
  • Defense Announcements
  • Events and Scheduling Sponsored by Graduate Studies
  • Travel & Business Reimbursements for Graduate Students